Farkass Lilla

I consider it essential to learn through my own experiences, to feel the effects of different therapeutic techniques. I believe in learning from all the treatments and people I work with - both as patients and therapists. In my work, I try to see and examine the person I work with as a whole. I am fascinated by the human body, its functioning, its intelligence, and the connections underlying musculoskeletal symptoms. My goal is to work together. In the process, we jointly recognize what may be the factors that play a role in the developed state - I am adjusting my therapeutic tools accordingly - various manual therapy, targeted exercises and consequently what the best way is to support change and improvement.

I graduated with a BSc in Physiotherapist in 2015 from Semmelweis University. After the graduate, in addition to my work as a physiotherapist in a hospital and then in a polyclinic, I further trained myself in courses towards “hands-on” techniques, in 2017 I obtained a degree in manual therapy. I first experienced the positive effects of manual therapy at the age of 16 as a patient myself then decided to choose this career, now practicing as a therapist.


  • Physiotherapist BSc (Semmelweis University)
  • Manual therapy (Barvichenko)
  • fascia, triggerpoint therapy