Varga Orsolya

From an early age it was clear to me to choose a job in a caring profession, so I decided to become a physiotherapist. After graduating from university I gained experience in the field of rheumatology, rehabilitaion and spinal care, first in the national health care system, later in the private sector. Some years later I felt I would like to support my patients more efficiently, so first I learned manualtherapy, then due to own personal experience, I started to learn Craniosacral therapy in 2012. After my analtycal way of thinking and treating in manual therapy, in carniosacral therapy I found an approach that suits my sensitivity, and with the help of which I can help to explore deeper problems. The very nature of Craniosacral therapy, that it treats the person as a whole, at a physical, emotional as well as mental level, can lead to a more complete and long lasting recovery. I have completed all the avaible courses of Craniosacral therapy in Hungary and I have participated in the work of a Hungarian Upledger Institute as a teaching assistant.

Besides this, I have learned several fascia treatment methods in the recent years, and I have deepened my knowledge in visceral manipulation, which aims to examine and treat the internal organs. Whenever I participate in various trainings I am always amazed how wonderful and complex our organism is and how much we still do not know about it. Therefore I feel the best I can do is, to be as prepared professionally as possible and so, gently and devotedly assist my patients to find their own way in their physical and emotional recovery.

I am grateful for all the experiences and changes I have witnessed within myself as well as in my patients as a therapist day by day.


  • Manual therapy, Maitland Concept, level 2B
  • Craniosacral therapy, Upledger Institute, CST-T CST1, CST2, SER1, SER2, ADV1, ADV2, CSP1, TBS1, SICS
  • Visceral Manipulation, Barral Institue
  • Anatomy trains, Fascial Release for Structural Balance, Structural Bodyworker
  • Stecco fascial manipulation I.
  • McKenzie A, B, C, D
  • 3D Scoliosis Therapy
  • Segmental stabilization training in the lumbar spine
  • Functional elastic taping methods