Manual Therapy

Do You have pain in your neck, back or waist?Do You suffer from leg or arm numbness?
You can’t move your arms because of the pain, can You?
You visited many places, but Your pain is still constant…
Do You possibly have jaw complaints?

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Manual therapy is so much more than a simple chiropractic. It is engaging in examining and treating the functional disorders of the movement system (spine, joint, muscle, fascia).
Throughout a deep examination we analyse the body posture and motion, while defining even the smallest deflections and the cause of the pain.
During the therapy, we manually correct these fascial deflections – with direct massage techniques, we try to unlock muscular or fascial tensions and mobilize joints – so we improve the body’s statical loadability, motions causing decreasing pain at the same time.
We combine different therapies and techniques for the best result. Besides manual therapy we use craniosacral therapy, visceral manipulation, Mckenzie-therapy, kinezio tape technique and fascial techniques.
Our new field of treatment focusing on temporomandibular disorders and on completing orthodontics with special manual therapy.

In our team all the physio-manual therapists possess academic degree. There’s a close consultation and co-operation between the collegaues, if one get stuck in the process, another could help to move on.

Our aim is to find the real source of the pain. We don’t want anybody to leave without a solution.