Testszobrászat, fascia mobilizáció | Manual Therapy


BodySculpting  deals with the analysis and the normalization of the bodyposture in order to maintain the correct position and to make our body movement as efficient as possible. To operate a balanced posture, little energy is required and there is no need for compensation from other parts of our body.

In a bad posture we meet a lot of asymmetry, which lead to a one-sided straining of the body. At the beginning it does not cause a problem and there are no symptoms necessarily. Incorrect posture is usually  seen merely as an aesthetic problem. An asymmetric body posture can lead to so-called degenerative processes in the long-run. These processes are: Osteoarthritis, disc hernia process or other symptoms due to the overload of the muscles (headache, pain radiating into the arms, pain in different areas of the spine, legs, knees and heels, etc.).

In BodySculping treatment, we achieve the harmony of the body posture by mobilizing the connective tissue (fascia) of the locomotor system. The fascia surrounds the muscles, connects them thus forming muscle-fascia chains in the superficial and deeper parts of the body, in the front, back and on the sides of the body. During the therapy, the right operation of the muscles are normalized by the treatment of these chains.

In the course of the treatment, the therapist may affect the given muscle-fascia unit in several ways. His aim is to loosen up over-strained muscles and to activate the weak, less functioning ones.
Three or twelwe successful treatments in our Clinic will help the body to find its balance quicker and easier.