Manual therapy | Manual Therapy

Manual therapy

Manual therapy is concerned with the focuspoint of the pain and the fascial structure (joint, muscle, fascial and nerval formula), what is responsible for functional damages. Through a really deepgoing, full-body examination, the therapist lines up a functional diagnosis, which has already been compared with other extant medical imaging. Based on the diagnosis, a personal treatment plan could be formed by the therapists. They can pick from their wide toolbox of techniques, the ones which is the most appropriate for the given functional position. It can orients the moving joints, the muscular traction, the normalization of muscle functioning, the fascial relaxation or neural tension etc. The first examination and treatment happen in comfortable underwear and last about 1,5 hour. Further treatments last approximately 50 minutes.

It is recommended in case of:

  • different joint limitations, disorders
  • different muscular pain
  • spine’s degenerations, which can lead to neck, back or torso complaints
  • hip-knee joint inflamations, degenerations
  • pain or limitation  around the shoulders
  • spinal disc hernitation
  • arm numbness
  • leg numbness
  • pain radiating into limbs
  • headache
  • medical checked-up dizziness or tinnitus
  • emerged compensations after fractures, injuries