Manuálterápia rendelőnk terapeutái, oktatói | Manual Therapy

In our team, all the physio- and manualtherapists are qualified.
Molnár Angéla head manual therapist leads the team, sharing her over 15-year-experience. „In 15 years I’ve earned a really diversified experience. In these years besides daily treatments, I’ve been constatly trained myself so I’ve also collected a wide practical and theoratical knowledge. I’ve taught the basics and coherences of manualtherapy to my physiotherapist and doctor colleagues for many years.
Now I use this special exprecience to build my own team. With my colleages, we all together prefer the philosophy that the human body is one system itself so we should value the physical, emotional and mental aspects as well. We are helping our patients to find their balance in each level of their lives. I expect nonstop training from my colleagues, as I do. All the members of the team have similar qualifications as me, however everybody has a special field where he or she is more experienced, than the others. That’s why we could help to find the most efficient therapy and technique for everyone. To give all of our patients the same treatment, we regularly share our experience and treat each other and help our hands refining.”

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