Triggerpont terápia | Manual Therapy

Triggerpoint therapy

Triggerpoint is a painful muscle-knot which is closely related to the muscle fibers. Since the blood-flow and the metabolism of the muscle is inadequate at this point, the optimal functions of the muscle get damaged which all lead to the stiffness of the muscle. You do not have to worry about the existence of the triggerpoints, it is a natural process. This is how our muscles react to stress (physical, emotional). In the body there can be triggerpoints in all the muscles which can cause typical radiation and painful symptoms.

After examining the symptoms and the radiating area, the symptoms may be reduced or even terminated with the contact-pressure treatment on the given muscle. The painful triggerpoints  can cause a similar pain than it is caused by disc. With carefull examination, disc problems and triggerpoints can be separated from each other. If the symptons are caused by the triggerpoint, then the treatment on the muscles can successfully eliminate all the complaints.