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We would also be ahead of some quick questions. If you have any further questions, please contact us at +3630 257 0071 or info.manualisterapia@gmail.com info.manualisterapai@gmail.com!

In which cases can we help?

In the case of a spinal hernia, numbness and radiating pain often do not come from the nerve pressed by the hernia but the stimulation of the nerve endings of the surrounding muscle causes unpleasant symptoms. Those respond quickly to manual therapy and with a regular treatment functional physiotherapy can maintain a livable condition.

How can I ask for an appointment?

We do not provide acute (emergency) patient care in our office. Patients are cared for in a precise schedule based on a pre-arranged time. If you are not facing an acute case....

What is the complete process of the treatments?

For the first time, the therapy starts with a consultation, where the therapist asks about the current complaints, lifestyle and possible previous accidents ....

How many treatments are needed?

This is entirely individual, depending on the nature of the problem and how long the complaints have been around. The older the symptom,...

Is the treatment painful?

Due to the formed restrictions and tensions, the treatment is often not pleasant. The therapist moves the joints and ....

Is it worth contacting a therapist with mild symptoms?

Yes. Complaints such as discomfort, fatigue in static situations (sitting, standing for long), changes in posture, etc. there may already

Is it possible to pay with a health insurance card, a SZÉP card, a holiday check or a wellness ticket?

You cannot settle the fee in the above-metioned ways, but we are in contact with a number of health insurances, so we can bill you for the treatment to the selected insurance. Ask at the reception for the actual list of insurances!


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