Our treatments are based on the classical manual therapy, which are engaged in the functional examination and treatment of the joints and muscles. If we want to keep in mind the right function than we need to pay attention to the appropriate flexibility of the fascia and the the proper functioning of the nervous system.
Our thorough examination reveals - that in order to help the body to find its state of balance - where and what method should be used. We build up our treatments accordingly. One time we may work on the muscles more, an other time we improve the mobility of the joints, third time we dissolve the adhesions and the strain of the fascia, while we harmonize all this with the nervous system. We are able to combine these techniques in one treatment. Our therapy may be directed to the physical and spiritual relaxation of the body. In order to help a physical problem to be solved, this relaxation can be general or can be monitored on one specific area, with which we can lift the concrete emotional block. We can also work on the suspension of the internal organs and their connection to the bony-muscular parts of the torso, pelvis and the chest. The changes obtained need to be retained and integrated into the function of the whole body. We teach targeted exercises to help this integration.
Ahhoz, hogy az elért változások megmaradjanak, integrálni kell az egész test működésébe és ehhez célirányos torna gyakorlatokat tanítunk.

Under the "Treatments" topic, you will find which technique is used on which tissue and how it helps the process of healing.