Craniosacral therapy

Craniosacral Therapy is a very gentle manualterapeutic metod,deals with the fascial and nervous system as well.

The fascia can be find almost everywhere in the body, it surrounds and connects the muscles, joints, ties them to the spine, sorrounds the nervous system,and the nerves. They form a complete system, and if there is any tension in it, that affects the whole system, even though there are no symptoms at first.

In the 70’s Dr John Upledger osteopath started to examine the craniosacral system. The part of this system is the cerebral membrains and the cerebral fluid witch sorrounds the brain and the spinal cord. The fluid circulation is rhytmical. The experienced therapist can feel the rhytm by very gentle touches on the cranial bones, along the spine and due to the continuity of the fascial system, almost everywhere on the body.

With sufficient experience the therapist makes a diagnosis about the changes in the rhytm and with very soft manipulations she can affect and correct it. The therapy starts the self healing process of the body, reduces stress, improves blood circulations and nervous system function, helps in muscle relaxation, improves immun system. Through that affects the body will be able to find the balance.

The therapy can be effective in a lot of medical problems and dysfunctions, for example

  • segíthet a fogszabályzóval elért állapot megtartásában
  • After injuries, after traumas
  • chronic pains, haedache, migrains
  • reccurent pains, and dysfunctions
  • ear problems, dizzines, tinnitus
  • problem with sinusis
  • TMJ dysfunction
  • learning problems
  • ortodontic problems and treatment
  • visszatérő mozgásszervi panaszoknál
  • depression, general fatigue, emotional problems

Our experience shows, that together with manualtherapy is more efficient.