Visceral Manipulation

The name of the therapy comes from the Latin word – viscera – which is the collective noun of the visceral abdominal and other internal organs. Visceral therapy is a type of manual therapy that deals with the treatment of the connetive tissue system around the organs. The techniques are gentle, soft and very precisely targeted to the area. It palps through the abdominal wall and locates tensions in the visceral system (liver, stomach, guts, kidneys and around the pelvic genital organs). In this way, by releasing the tension of the given part, the mobility of the organs can be improved. Furthermore, by touching the tissues through the reflex proprioceptive communication, the information also reaches the central nervous system immediately and a self-healing process begins. Due to these connections, not only can there be a change in the function of the organ and a decrease in abdominal complaints, but even a musculoskeletal symptom may impove.

Visceral manipulation was developed by french osteopath, Jean-Pierre Barral. During the treatment there is a deep connection between the tissues of the patient and the therapist.


The therapy can help in a lot of medical problems and disorders, like:

  • in case of pain and injuires (whiplash or seatbelt injuries, sport injuries, headaches and migraines, back, hip pain, neural radiation)
  • Reflux, hiatus hernia
  • digestive disorders
  • adhesions after abdominal and pelvic operations or inflammations
  • some kind of incontinency
  • ptosis of the kidney
  • ptosis of the stomach
  • in case of infertility if the problem comes from the tensions in the fascia
  • kivizsgált kismedencei fájdalomnál aminek nem találják az okát pl.
  • reccurent bladder inflimmation
  • pain in the area of perineum and prostate
  • painful periods
  • in endometriosis